Bicycle is a recreational thing

Compared to running, studies have already shown that cycling has lesser impact.  It’s a low impact exercise. It’s also relaxing activity that we can do on weekends or fact every day. It’s easy to visit places.

It has a lot benefits- Cardiovascular strengthening, muscle toning and it’s a very good de-stressor as well. It helps in your cardiovascular- in the sense that the more you cycle it bring up your heart rate and helps in conditioning it. It also increases your muscle movements and the mobility. It keeps your body conditioned, toned and even if you can’t go to the gym or you can’t make time for the gym every day, the only fact that you just cycled that makes you feel good. If you can substitute it with some weight training, it will add more to it, so you can only can get better and have a better life.

Bicycle is not only good for your health, but it also helps the environment. As cars of today use fossil fuels and producing carbon dioxide that affects our environment. It also affects people who are subject to the carbon produced by this Cars.

Recently, the carbon emission commission issued the less use of carbon driven machines so by helping in and being one with environment bicycle is the best way to contribute in that facet of that act.

So start picking up your bicycle and feel the breeze of the air as you glance and cycle it.