Finding the top 10 cities that are bicycle friendly

There are sports that can become popular in one country but they do not care much in the other. There can be a mode of transportation that is common and mostly used in one country but another do not. Like this each country poses its own personality and characteristic. But it becomes different when we talk about basketball as it covers and a favorite of many countries.

Then how about bicycling? It has now a wide coverage of popularity to develop or developing countries. It is a cheap and easy mode of transportation or a sports to others. Bicycle is an easy way and faster mode of transportation as it allows you to pass small spaces so you can arrive more quickly to your destination. It is cheap as it does not require gas and you can even help in the pollution through that check more from this environment friendly services company, click 環保公司. Then what are the cities that are considered bicycle friendly? Let us see some of the list.

They are Copenhagen in Denmark, Amsterdam in Netherlands, Utrecht still in Netherlands, Strasbourg in France, Eindhoven in Netherlands, Malmö in Sweden, Nantes in France, Bordeaux in France, Antwerp in Belgium, and Seville in Spain. Netherlands is considered the top bicycle user in the world. The government have made efforts to pursue it as a mode of transportation. Modernization can be seen also in fashion dresses where many good designs and styles have been made.