The top common transportation around the world  

We could observe that there are various kinds of transportation used throughout the world. In order to travel especially to other countries, you need transportation. Most of us use public transportation. Since transportation improves continually, we could live a convenient life. We don’t need to walk especially when we need to go to a far place. So, let us know the top common transportation used around the world. We could see that the modes of transportation around the world are continually upgrading in order to decrease the time of travel.



The top ten common mode of transportation used even nowadays is the human powered transport which includes cycle rickshaws, human drawn carriages, and of course, the bicycle. Next is the animal powered transport which includes donkeys, horses, bullock carts, and horse drawn carriages. Those who want to travel vast distances use ship especially in the old days for it is the only way to go to far places. Not only in the old days but also nowadays, ships became the most common way of trading.


Boats are also used for personal transport and more. If you want to travel around the world, airplanes are very efficient for you can travel across the world in a decreased amount of time. Motorbikes are widely and commonly used by explorers and adventurous types. Three wheelers are commonly used for personal transport, try this out. Buses and trucks are also very common transportation used around the world as well as cars and trains.