Understanding about non-racing cycling sports  

Non-racing cycling sports include artistic cycling, cycle polo, freestyle BMX and mountain bike trials

Artistic cycling is in the form of competition inside a building design for indoor cycling. In this competition the performers or athletes will do their own tricks that is called exercises. They are given points as scores on fixed gear or specialized bikes. Its format or style is similar to gymnastics or ballet. They perform their own tricks or exercises to the panel of judges. They are given five minutes to perform and categories include by pairs, single to four or six man team.



Cycle polo is one form of non-racing cycling sport that involves a team. It is like a traditional polo but instead of using horses they use bicycles as their tools. This sport has two versions called hard court bike polo and grass bike polo. This sport dramatically increase in popularity that it quickly spread throughout the world including New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Ireland, Indonesia, Hungary, Switzerland, France, Germany, Pakistan and even India who has many numbers of bicycle. Other countries include Malaysia, Sri Lanka, China, Sweden, England, Nepal, Brazil, Italy, Spain, Scotland, Argentina, USA, Poland, Slovenia, Croatia, and Cuba. Many teams have been formed in each of these countries.



Freestyle BMX is a sport riding in BMX bikes performing bicycle motocross stunt. Mountain bike trials or observed trials, is where the rider attempts to pass on the obstructions course and not setting any foot in the ground, check thsi Asian character site for more info 八拓. You can hop over to these guys and see what they can offer.