What to expect in triathlon competition?

Before we could know the things to expect in a triathlon competition, let us first understand the meaning of triathlon. It is a competition with a multiple stage and it involves the completion of three continuous sport and also an athlete joining a triathlon must follow the sequence of endurance disciplines. There are three typical components of triathlon: swimming, cycling, and running. The athletes who participate in a triathlon competition are known as triathletes.


Triathlon is a sport that requires great endurance. There are separate competition for each gender. There are different segments of the race so athletes change gear and also because there is a transition area that was set. A transition area is where there are switches of sport that occurs. This happens when there are switches from swimming to cycling and cycling to running. So, what can you expect in a triathlon competition? Do you think it’s easy?


Well, this kind of sport or race does not only consists of sports such as swimming, cycling, and running. If you want to join this kind of race, train yourself first to have great endurance and be sure that your body is strong enough to finish the race. Expect that when you join that kind of race, you don’t have time to rest or have a break. There is a series of long distance triathlon races known as the Ironman Triathlon. Discover this info here that this event was considered as one of the most difficult sport in the world.