Why Lance Armstrong is the greatest Cyclist ever

People know that Lance Armstrong is only known for his doping, lying and cheating all throughout his career on to winning 7 De tour France which was the super bowl of cycling. But before those things he was really the best at what he does and made the sport to what is now. At some point of his storied career he had experienced a cancer- Testosterone and he was fighting for his dear life. He had his body undergo extreme radiation and many of body cells died.

He can’t even walk by himself after the treatment but he will himself and back to the original form. After his great return. He won several cycling events and put him at the top once again. People who are losing in terms of life found inspiration to him. As they can see their life get baffled but have hope to succeed. As Lance became the inspiration of many and became a model to people many lives are changed.

After winning 7 Tour De France. He mounted a comeback in 2012. Though he only won bronze. Many speculations that he was only good because of doping was wrong as many if not all cyclist are part of doping. USADA knows it and all athletes know it. Meaning Lance Armstrong is the best of all time and the best in all the cyclist who dopes all the time. He also touched lives for cancer treatment as a bonus!