Learning the evolution of bicycle

It is amazing how bicycle was first invented. From this let us begin to learn how the bicycle evolved. We cannot imagine that the bicycle we use today use to only have wheels but no pedal. You have to still walk though you are riding in it. But thanks to its evolution that it was improved and pedals was discovered. You can now have a sit on the part of the bicycle though not comfortably that is provided and pedal to let it move and let you arrive at your destination.


But this kind does not really be effective and efficient and it was again improved that it now has designated sitting area and it was put near the first wheel that became bigger and the back wheel smaller. It did not stop there. The wheels now was made same size and the position of the sitting area was moved so you can comfortably sit and pedal at the same time. It was again continually improved to give more speed and quality on the design for  digital business. There will be a great advantage once you become part of this insurance.


It now has many styles and design to suit the type and need of an individual. There are small, medium and large sizes. It can also be specialized for sports whether racing or not. Or just a comfortable one that is used mainly for transportation. Or for a child who is taking his step to learn how to ride a bike straight mainly the parent.