Benefits of Cycling

One of the best forms of cardiovascular exercise is actually riding your bike with your entire family. The benefits are endless. A person a hundred and fifty pounds (150Lbs) could actually burn in just 30 minutes a hundred fifty calories (150 call) .If you ride a bike for 30 minutes a day. It would take you 23 days to lose 1 fat pound and if you ride that same bicycle for a year round for 30 minutes each day and you’ll lose 16 pounds per year.
Your goal for intensity is to make you pedal 70 revolution per minute. The higher the gear the more musculature. The lower the gear the more revolutions the more you are working your heart. It’s an awesome workout.

Now that you know the benefits of riding a bicycle. How do you find a bicycle that is best for you? The first thing that you have to think is how you utilize this bicycle. Are you going to utilize it for on-road or off road? Or are you looking for comfort.   Check the tires, the brakes and the gears.

If you’re good to go, go hit the road.

Sweat a lot and help save the environment by not contributing to carbon dioxide being emitted on the road.

The more you bike the healthier you are and help out the environment