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Learning the evolution of bicycle

It is amazing how bicycle was first invented. From this let us begin to learn how the bicycle evolved. We cannot imagine that the bicycle we use today use to only have wheels but no pedal. You have to still walk though you are riding in it. But thanks to its evolution that it was [Continue]

Cycling or running

Bicycle and running will always go together as the best sport for weight cutting and just to make you become better. Then between the two which is better. For some of us we like to prefer cycling than running but for some it is the other way around. This time let’s see which is better [Continue]

Why would you prefer to use bicycle?

Nowadays, we could see and observe that transportation throughout the world is continuously improving. It seems like each person want to have their own car, too. If that happens, what do you think would be the result of having too much car or vehicle at every place? For sure, there would be heavy traffic everywhere [Continue]

What to expect in triathlon competition?

Before we could know the things to expect in a triathlon competition, let us first understand the meaning of triathlon. It is a competition with a multiple stage and it involves the completion of three continuous sport and also an athlete joining a triathlon must follow the sequence of endurance disciplines. There are three typical [Continue]

What You Should Know About Car Repair

This article is here to help you solve these issues in a cost-effective manner. Read this article for some great auto repair advice that may just be able to save you can use. You don’t always need a mechanic when you have trouble with your car each time you’re experiencing trouble. Some jobs are easy [Continue]

Understanding about non-racing cycling sports  

Non-racing cycling sports include artistic cycling, cycle polo, freestyle BMX and mountain bike trials Artistic cycling is in the form of competition inside a building design for indoor cycling. In this competition the performers or athletes will do their own tricks that is called exercises. They are given points as scores on fixed gear or specialized bikes. Its format or style [Continue]