Every day I decide to get on my bike and not drive is one more day that I’m not contributing carbon to the environment which is a real and positive thing. Well in terms of lowering your impact on the environment bicycling is an easy answer. You can bike to work and you can do it safely and you can do it comfortably and while you are it. You can have fun and and you can save money and you can get fit and you can meet new people and new friends and there’s no really downside to it.

There are so many benefits of bicycling.

So if everybody choose to bike even just a few days a week. I think you’d see immediate environmental effects. I mean you’ll definitely see a policy shift because you think with popular demands comes rules making and with more bike friendly city you’re sort of planting the seeds for greener initiatives.

If you can take each little contribution of each cyclist and you add them all up for a city of place.  It can make a difference if you multiply that by the number of cities that are doing major cycling well you can have a global impact.

So hop on your bike now. Start and make a difference in the world